aqua connectHIGH ENERGY coral food 250 ml

aqua connectHIGH ENERGY coral food 250 ml

Special food for corals under LED lighting

  • especially for increased nutrient requirements
  • suitable for all corals
  • contains different particle sizes
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Coral food with that extra dose of energy

HIGH ENERGY coral food is a special food for corals kept under LED light. LED light has very high spectrum peaks. Those high energy peaks cause an increased metabolism and nutrient demand in the corals. The special formulation of HIGH ENERGY coral food avoids a nutrient deficiency of the corals and results in a natural, healthy growth when used consistently. Success is visible very quickly.

The food is also equally suitable for corals kept under other light Sources.

The food is made in Germany


Shake HIGH ENERGY coral food well before use, as the food contains different particle sizes. Add 1 ml HIGH ENERGY coral food per 100 l aquarium water daily. The required amount should be varied depending on the stocking and light source.
Marine oils, antioxidants, astaxanthin, natural amino acids, omega 3 + 7 fatty acids, marine proteins, shrimp and fish products, potassium iodide fluoride, yeast, potassium sorbate and citric acid
HIGH ENERGY coral food is not suitable for consumption and must be kept out of reach of children.