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CaribSea Ammo-Buster

CaribSea Ammo-Buster
CaribSea Ammo-Buster
CaribSea Ammo-Buster

The all-rounder among the water conditioners

  • ideal for new tanks, reduces stress of your fish
  • removes ammonium, chlorine, chloramines, nitrite
  • detoxifies heavy metals and copper
  • supplies electrolytes and supports alkalinity
  • Manufacturer:CaribSea
  • Item number:V16227
starting from 8,90 €

including 19% VAT ,

Recommended retail price: 8,90 €

CaribSea AmmoBuster Extreme is the one step water conditioner that does it all. AmmoBuster Extreme is ideal for handling high ammonia levels in newer aquariums where the waste reducing bacteria populations are not yet adequate.

AmmoBuster Extreme will not only eliminate ammonia, chlorine and chloramine, but detoxify heavy metals, even copper, as well. At the same time, AmmoBuster Extreme will repairs a fishes protective slime coat, add essential electrolytes, boost alkalinity, and reduce fish stress. AmmoBuster Extreme even neutralizes nitrite.

At the same time, AmmoBuster will replace a fishes protective “slime coat”, add essential electrolytes, boost alkalinity, and reduce fish stress.

To fully condition water for (1) new aquariums, (2) before, after, or during water additions, or (3) before adding new fishes or plants: Add one teaspoon full (5 ml) of AmmoBuster per 38 l of water. For larger applications, use 1 fluid ounce per 227 l of water. Using a clean glass or cup, scoop out some aquarium water, add the AmmoBuster, then pour the mixture back into the aquarium in a high flow area such as a filter or powerhead outflow.

Elektrolytes, buffers, and proprietary formula in an aqueous solution. Nontoxic to humans, pets, and aquatic life.

CaribSea AmmoBuster is also known as CaribSea Cycle Assist, especially in the USA.

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