aqua connect INTENS Xtra 50 ml

aqua connect INTENS Xtra 50 ml
aqua connect INTENS Xtra 50 ml

Help for sickly, stressed fish

  • Strengthens the immune System
  • Improves wound healing
  • rehabilitates the intestinal tract
  • antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial
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Intensive cure for sickly, affected fish

Intens Xtra was created specifically for fish that are in poor health. For example, the fish chafe on the bottom, have white spots or a slight hollow belly, have white and or slimy feces, or have lost their color. These are exactly the signs for which aqua connect INTENS Xtra was developed.

Improves the well-being of your fish from the inside out

It is a metabolic activator for fish that strengthens the immune system from the inside out. It promotes the regeneration of the mucous layer of fish and supports the sanitation of the intestinal tract. Intens Xtra has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. The organism of fish is comprehensively protected and strengthened. It is easy to use because it can be easily fed. You simply apply it to the food just before it is introduced into the aquarium.

As an intensive cure or as a preventive measure

As an intensive cure you add INTENS Xtra 3 times a day to the feed for 10 days.
If INTENS Xtra is to be administered as a preventive measure, it is sufficient to wet the food with it once a day.

Dosage as intensive treatment for 10 days:

Soak the feed in Intens Xtra, wait 15 minutes, then add the liquid to the aquarium with the feed. You should repeat this procedure 3 times a day.

Dosage as continuous use:

Wet the feed with Intens Xtra, wait 15 minutes, then add the feed to the aquarium. Feeding should be done only 1 time a day.

Intens Xtra contains very well balanced vital substances.

Vitamin A, C, E and all vitamins of group B.

Minerals such as Ca, K, Mg, Na, Fe, Mn, Cr, Zn.

20 important amino acids, folic acid, beta carotene, secondary plant compounds and vegetable fatty acids.

Preservatives: citric acid and potassium sorbate.

Intens Xtra should be stored in a cool place after opening the bottle. The closed bottle has a shelf life of 2 years. Not suitable for human consumption. Must be kept out of reach of children.