Ocean Nutrition Atison's Betta Spa

Ocean Nutrition Atisons Betta Spa

Ideal for conditioning the Betta

  • Made from the freshest, most natural ingredients
  • Activates the musculature and strengthens the bone structure
  • Absorbs harmful chemicals
  • Provides for denser foam nests
  • Supports activity and colouring
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A natural environment for your fighting fish

Hardly any other tropical ornamental fish is as colourful, elegant and varied as the labyrinth fish Betta splendens, to which the species known as the fight fish belongs. The natural Atison's Betta SPA product with extracts of wild almond tree and other valuable additives ensures optimal conditions in your aquarium. The unique formula activates muscles, strengthens bones, intensifies colour and neutralises harmful chemicals. The product is suitable for fighting fish in all situations, especially when kept in small aquariums and during transport. See for yourself.

Preserving life and beauty through nutrition

Driven by the goal of producing the highest quality, most innovative and freshest fish food for hobby and professional breeders, Ocean Nutrition is today considered the unrivalled quality leader in ornamental fish breeding. Ocean Nutrition strives to offer the most natural and highest nutritional quality without compromise. Every step in the value chain is aimed at promoting animal welfare and coming as close as possible to natural living conditions.
Natural ingredients for a healthy and natural living environment

Thanks to the natural composition of Betta SPA, your fighting fish literally feel like a fish in water. Leaf extracts from the wild almond tree provide an antibacterial effect with humic acid and tannins, yucca extract binds ammonia in the water and natural calcium specifically strengthens the body structure. Betta SPA is the closest you will come to natural conditions with any other product.

Strengthens the muscles, bone structure and scale of the fighting fish

Atison's Betta SPA contains vital, natural calcium, which specifically activates the muscles of ornamental fish, promotes bone formation and strengthens the scaly coat in the long term. The product supports the living creatures perfectly during transport and plays out its strengths especially in small aquariums.

For water free of harmful substances without chemicals

Betta SPA is the result of professional research work by proven experts and scientists. Due to its unique composition, the product is able to absorb harmful chemicals and keep the water in your aquarium free of pollutants. In addition, the pH value of the water is specifically lowered to create the best possible living conditions for the ornamental fish - your fighting fish will thank you!

Perfect conditions for the reproduction of fighting fish

The quality of the foam nests is of decisive importance for the breeding conditions. With Atison's Betta SPA product, the foam nests become stickier and denser, providing perfect conditions for reproduction - look forward to first-class breeding results.
For increased activity and an attractive colour scheme

As a natural skin care product, Atison's Betta SPA is perfect for conditioning sensitive creatures. In addition, the natural ingredients support activity, promote spawning and strengthen colouring. At the same time, the addition of tannins, lignins and fulvic acids gives the water an attractive colour. You can look forward to lively fighting fish full of vitality.

The Atison's Betta product family

When the expertise of a globally recognised Betta specialist meets the many years of know-how of a company for premium fish food, something very special is created. With the Atison's Betta product family, premium manufacturer Ocean Nutrition is setting new standards in the species-appropriate and sustainable nutrition of fighting fish. In close cooperation with the specialist Atison Phumchoosri, it has succeeded in developing a product family that leaves nothing to be desired.

Always the right Betta Food

The four Atison?s Betta products SPA, FOOD, PRO and STARTER are designed to provide perhaps the most beautiful ornamental fish in the world with exactly the conditions it needs for natural, sustainable and healthy growth. While STARTER ensures rapid and healthy growth in the larval stage, FOOD provides your Betta fish with all the necessary nutrients on a daily basis. Atison's Betta PRO is the professional alternative to live food and SPA completes the range with a comprehensive care for the fighting fish.
Did you know?
Tannins have stress relieving properties.

Recommended dosage: 5 ml per 8 l of water for normal applications. Use with every water change. In case of severe stress, symptoms the concentration can be doubled.
Wild almond leaves extract (Terminalia Catappa), Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Yucca extract, Almond extract, preservatives.