Ocean Nutrition Atison's Betta Starter 12 g

Ocean Nutrition Atisons Betta Starter 12 g

Premium food for Bettas

  • Rapid growth and optimal development
  • Especially for fighting fish larvae
  • Natural, freshest ingredients
  • Simple and successful application
  • Excellent water stability
  • Manufacturer:Ocean Nutrition
  • SKU:152036
  • Shelf life expiration date:31.07.2025
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Food for the optimal development of the larvae of your fighting fish

The premium food Betta STARTER has been developed by leading experts especially for rearing fighting fish larvae from day three. It contains all nutrients necessary for rapid growth and optimal development. Betta STARTER is made from the freshest ingredients and sets new standards in terms of nutrient quality. The food for the larvae of the Betta splendens genus - known in this country as fight fish - has been successfully tested in extensive studies. This premium food surpasses any other product in terms of larval survival and growth. It is easy to use and supports beginners and professionals alike in professionally breeding fighting fish.

High survival rate, rapid growth and optimal development

The unique and fresh nutrient combination of the Betta STARTER premium feed ensures that your larvae are optimally supplied with all vital ingredients from the third day until the end of the first month. Freshest ingredients, a high protein and phospholipid content, an ideal HUFA value and added vitamins A3, D3, E and C enable rapid growth and a high survival rate.

Specially developed for the rearing of fighting fish larvae

The species-appropriate and professional rearing of fighting fish is a science in itself and requires professional special food. Betta STARTER offers the ideal conditions for the sustainable growth of your ornamental fish thanks to its carefully selected, fresh and high-quality ingredients. Extensive studies on Betta growth impressively show that Betta STARTER allows the larvae to grow without the fish becoming too full. After the first growth phase, the food can be seamlessly replaced by Betta Pro.

Larval food of unrivalled quality - with expert tips

The Atison's Betta product family was developed by Ocean Nutrition in close cooperation with the world-renowned Betta breeder Atison Phumchoosri. The result: a larval food for fighting fish that outshines any competitor's product in terms of survival and growth. Together with the Betta STARTER food you will receive valuable tips and advice on breeding from Mr. Atison Phumchoosri himself.

Simple and successful application

Whether beginner, hobby breeder or experienced expert - passionate Betta lovers appreciate the premium food Betta STARTER because of its reliable and easy usage. From the third day onwards, simply added to the water surface as free-drifting crumbs, the premium food is immediately accepted by your fish and ensures sustainable growth. Betta STARTER comes with a small, handy spoon for precise dosage of the food.

Excellent water stability for sustainable growth

The water in the aquarium often reacts very sensitively to the addition of food. Parameters such as carbonate hardness and pH value should be within a narrowly defined range for balanced and sustainable fish growth. Betta STARTER has been developed to maintain water stability, reduce sedimentation in the tank and provide ideal living conditions for your fighting fish, especially in the early stages when they are larvae.

As close as possible to the natural living conditions

In close cooperation with experts and professionals and through continuous research, Ocean Nutrition strives to offer the most natural and highest quality nutrients without compromise. Every step in the value chain is aimed at promoting animal welfare and coming as close as possible to natural living conditions. Every living creature is unique and depends on species-appropriate feed - with this in mind, Ocean Nutrition develops unique products made from the freshest ingredients directly from the natural habitat of the fish.

Fresh feed through strategic positioning in coastal areas

Ocean Nutrition is present at strategically located sites in Belgium, USA and Thailand and is therefore able to access the freshest and highest quality ingredients from the sea at all times. The company supplies discerning hobby and professional breeders with fish farming products that are unrivalled worldwide. Through constant research and development efforts Ocean Nutrition is setting new standards in terms of nutritional quality, freshness and innovation.

The Atison's Betta product range

When the expertise of a globally recognised Betta specialist meets the many years of know-how of a company for premium fish food, something very special is created. With the Atisons Betta product family, premium manufacturer Ocean Nutrition is setting new standards in the species-appropriate and sustainable nutrition of fighting fish. In close cooperation with the specialist Atison Phumchoosri, it has succeeded in developing a product family that leaves nothing to be desired.

Always the right Betta Food

The four Atison's Betta products SPA, FOOD, PRO and STARTER are designed to provide perhaps the most beautiful ornamental fish in the world with exactly the conditions it needs for natural, sustainable and healthy growth. While STARTER ensures rapid and healthy growth in the larval stage, FOOD provides your Betta fish with all the necessary nutrients on a daily basis. Atison's Betta PRO is the professional alternative to live food and SPA rounds off the product range with a comprehensive care for Betta fish.

Feed according to fry age and density twice a day from day 3 to the end of the first month. One spoonful contains enough food for about 300 fry at day 3.
Fish and fish derivatives, cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats, algae, yeasts
Protein: 55 %
Fiber: 1,9 %
Fat: 9 %
Ash: 14,5 %
Moisture: 8 %
The product is perfect for the period from the third day until the end of the first month. Depending on age and density, feeding takes place twice a day. One spoon contains enough nutrients for 300 larvae on day 3.
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