Ocean Nutrition Atison's Betta Food

Ocean Nutrition Atisons Betta Food
Ocean Nutrition Atisons Betta Food

High-end Betta Food

  • Perfect for daily feeding
  • Made of the freshest ingredients
  • Emphasizes the natural coloration of the fish
  • Does not cloud the water
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Only the best food for your fighting fish

The balanced premium food Betta FOOD from the popular Atison's Betta product family provides your fighting fish from the age of six months with everything they need for sustainable growth. The food is made from the freshest ingredients, meets the highest standards of nutritional quality and has been specially developed for fighting fish.

The carefully selected composition ensures that the fighting fish belonging to the Betta splendens genus are provided with a species-appropriate all-round supply. The food specifically enhances colour intensity and is particularly user-friendly for aquarium keepers. Extensive studies confirm that the premium food from Ocean Nutrition provides ideal conditions for Betta fish. Treat your fighting fish to Ocean Nutrition's premium food. Fresher food can otherwise only be found directly in nature!

The perfect all-round care for fighting fish

Betta FOOD was developed by Ocean Nutrition in close cooperation with the renowned Betta specialist Atison Phumchoosri. The product contains all the ingredients necessary for the sustainable and healthy development of ornamental fish, from proteins to fibres and fats. The complicated composition of feed mixtures is a thing of the past. With Betta FOOD you do not get mass food, but a species-appropriate premium product for your Bettas!

As close as possible to the natural living conditions

Ocean Nutrition strives to offer the most natural and highest quality nutrients without compromise. Every step in the value chain is designed to promote animal welfare and to come as close as possible to the natural habitat. Every living creature is unique and depends on species-appropriate feed - with this in mind, Ocean Nutrition develops unique products made from the freshest ingredients directly from the natural habitat of the fish.

It couldn't be simpler: Daily feeding without elaborate mixtures

Betta FOOD contains exactly those ingredients that are necessary for the daily feeding of your fighting fish and that promote the welfare of the animals in the long term. With this product, you don't have to make elaborate mixtures yourself, but have the freshest and highest quality ingredients for species-appropriate, sustainable and healthy keeping of ornamental fish always at hand. Extensive long-term studies confirm the positive effect of the feed for Betta fish.

Premium food straight from the sea - fresher than ever

Ocean Nutrition places the highest value on the freshness of the ingredients in the production of premium fish food. For this reason, the company operates strategically favourable locations in coastal areas. All ingredients meet the highest standards of freshness and nutrient content, processed in unrivalled quality.

Experience the unmistakable appearance of ornamental fish

The intense colourfulness of the fighting fish is a unique selling point of these fascinating ornamental fish. The premium food Betta FOOD specifically enhances the colour intensity of the fish and ensures that you will enjoy the unmistakable appearance of these creatures for a long time.

Does not cloud the water

Unlike ordinary fish food, Ocean Nutrition's floating premium pellets will not cloud your aquarium thanks to their unique composition. With Betta FOOD you always have a clear view of your ornamental fish and can observe these fascinating creatures unclouded.

The Atison's Betta product Family

When the expertise of a globally recognised Betta specialist meets the many years of know-how of a company for premium fish food, something very special is created. With the Atison's Betta product family, premium manufacturer Ocean Nutrition is setting new standards in the species-appropriate and sustainable nutrition of fighting fish. In close cooperation with the specialist Atison Phumchoosri, it has succeeded in developing a product family that leaves nothing to be desired.

Always the right Betta Food

The four Atison's Betta products SPA, FOOD, PRO and STARTER are designed to provide perhaps the most beautiful ornamental fish in the world with exactly the conditions it needs for natural, sustainable and healthy growth. While STARTER ensures rapid and healthy growth in the larval stage, FOOD provides your Betta fish with all the necessary nutrients on a daily basis. Atison's Betta PRO is the professional alternative to live food and SPA rounds off the product range with a comprehensive care for the fighting fish.

Feed up to 7 pellets twice a day, depending on the size of the Betta and the water temperature. Place the pellets gently on the water surface.
Fish meal, cereal meals, krill meal, minerals, vitamins and preservatives (calcium propionate, ethoxyquin).
Protein: 36 %
Fiber: 5,0 %
Fat: 4,5 %
Ash: 15 %
Moisture: 8,0 %
The premium product is suitable for fish from the age of six months. Up to seven pellets can be added to the tank twice a day, depending on the water temperature and size of the fish. Tip: Place the pellets gently on the water surface.