Ocean Nutrition Atison's Betta Pro

Ocean Nutrition Atisons Betta Pro
Ocean Nutrition Atisons Betta Pro
Ocean Nutrition Atisons Betta Pro

Premium fish food for Bettas

  • Perfect replacement of live food
  • Ideal nutritional value
  • Natural, freshest ingredients
  • Ideal for the growth and conditioning of the Betta fish
  • Promotes the agility of ornamental fish
  • Simple application and storage
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All the advantages of live food for fighting fish - without the disadvantages

The premium fish food Betta PRO has been specially developed as a replacement for live food. It is the safe and high-quality alternative for hobby and professional breeders of the fighting fish belonging to the Betta genus. Thanks to its unique composition of valuable and freshest ingredients, the feed ensures healthy growth in larvae from the second to the seventh month and specifically strengthens the natural colouring.

The innovative premium food can be stored for a long time in a space-saving way, does not cloud your water and does not contain colouring agents. Betta PRO is not comparable with any other pellet food and sets new standards in freshness, processing and quality. Your Bettas will love it!

The ideal replacement for live food - with all the important ingredients

Atison's Betta PRO contains all the important ingredients that Bettas can also find in live food. In contrast to live food, this premium food can be stored very easily, does not cloud the water and does not affect the water quality in your aquarium. Bacteria have no chance to come into contact with the living creatures through the fish food. With Betta PRO you can enjoy all the advantages of live food - without having to accept the disadvantages.

Preserving life and beauty through nutrition

In close cooperation with experts and professionals and through continuous research, Ocean Nutrition strives to promote animal welfare and come as close as possible to natural living conditions. Every living creature is unique and depends on species-appropriate food - with this in mind, Ocean Nutrition develops unique products made from the freshest ingredients directly from the natural habitat of the fish.

Optimal combination of proteins and fats

Ocean Nutrition is present in strategically located coastal areas and is therefore able to access the freshest and highest quality ingredients from the sea at all times. Through continuous research and development efforts, Ocean Nutrition is setting new standards in terms of nutritional quality, freshness and innovation. The nutritional composition of Betta PRO has been specially adapted by leading experts to the needs of Betta ornamental fish. The perfect combination of proteins and fats with ideal moisture content ensures that the growth of the fish is promoted and living conditions are optimised in the long term.

Specifically supports the growth of young fighting fish

Betta PRO premium food has been specially developed for the targeted growth of Betta fish and contains all the necessary nutrients for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle as well as for a high colour intensity. Betta PRO is perfectly suited for professional and species-appropriate breeding of the colourful ornamental fish and especially for fish aged between two and seven months.

Promotes agility, reaction and responsiveness

The carefully selected and fresh ingredients of Atison's Betta PRO ensure that the agility of the colourful ornamental fish is specifically promoted. The high-quality premium food is directly accepted by the Bettas and quickly provides a visible improvement in reaction speed and responsiveness. Experience shows that fish prefer Ocean Nutrition's innovative and fresh pellet product to frozen Food.

Easy handling and storage for breeders

While live food is very demanding in terms of storage and application due to its limited shelf life and qualitative restrictions, Betta PRO is convincing due to its very easy handling. You can store the pellets in a space-saving and long-term manner and simply place them on the water surface for feeding - the pellets do not cloud the water and are directly accepted by the ornamental fish.

The Atison's Betta product range

When the expertise of a globally recognised Betta specialist meets the many years of know-how of a company for premium fish food, something very special is created. With the Atison's Betta product family, premium manufacturer Ocean Nutrition is setting new standards in the species-appropriate and sustainable nutrition of fighting fish. In close cooperation with the specialist Atison Phumchoosri, it has succeeded in developing a product family that leaves nothing to be desired.

Always the right Betta food

The four Atison's Betta products SPA, FOOD, PRO and STARTER are designed to provide perhaps the most beautiful ornamental fish in the world with exactly the conditions it needs for natural, sustainable and healthy growth. While STARTER ensures rapid and healthy growth in the larval stage, FOOD provides your Betta fish with all the necessary nutrients on a daily basis. Atison's Betta PRO is the professional alternative to live food and SPA rounds off the product range with a comprehensive care for the fighting fish. The product is perfect for larvae from the second to the seventh month and ensures sustainable growth.

Feed up to 7 pellets twice a day, depending on the size of the Betta and the water temperature. Place the pellets gently on the water surface.
Pure brine shrimp embryos, wheat flour, vitamins (stabilized ascorbic acid, vitamin E supplement, niacin, thiamine mononitrate, folic acid, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin, menadione sodium bisulfate complex, Vitamin A acetate, pyridoxine HCL, Vitamin B12 supplement, Vitamin D3 supplement, biotin) and preservatives (calcium propionate, ethoxyquin)
Protein: 38 %
Fiber: 4,4 %
Fat: 7,5 %
Ash: 7,6 %
Moisture: 10,5 %
Depending on the temperature of the water and the size of the fish, you can feed up to seven pellets twice a day. Make sure to place the pellets gently on the surface of the water. The product is perfect for larvae from the second to the seventh month and ensures sustainable growth.