aqua connect NANOfood 100 ml

aqua connect NANOfood 100 ml

Food mixture for corals and filterers

  • extends the life of many filterers and corals
  • promotes growth
  • ideal particle size
  • easy to handle
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The successful keeping of filtering organisms and azooxant bright corals in coral reef aquariums requires a continuous supply of suitable, particulate food for the cultivated animals. Since the limited habitat of coral reef aquariums is not sufficiently capable of producing such food sources on its own and an external supply of food by the aquarium keeper is necessary, therefore NANOfood was developed.

NANOfood is a new type of food mixture that has been specially developed to feed azooxanthellate gorgonians, soft and small-polyped stony corals. Animal, vegetable and mineral components in particulate form have been mixed in an optimal ratio, so that the multitude of different food specialists in coral reef aquariums are provided with their preferred food source.

In the course of the development of NANOfood, particular attention was paid to the selection of the particle size, which, at 10 µm (0.01 mm) to 1000 µm (1 mm), is in a range that is considered ideal, especially for filtering organisms. The particle size also has a great influence on the floating behaviour of the feed. NANOfood remains in the water for several hours even when the protein skimmer is switched on, so that the animals have sufficient time to absorb the feed particles.

Azooxanthellate gorgonians such as yellow or purple coloured Menella species rise within a very short time. Soft corals of the genera Dendronepthya or Scleronepthya increase the hydrostatic pressure in their tissues - provided that the animals are optimally positioned in the current - and become visibly larger.

NANOfood not only prolongs the life of many filter feeders and corals, but even achieves visible growth of these animals. This is a further step in the development of modern coral reef Aquariums.

Per 100 litres of aquarium water, one NANOfood measuring scoop is mixed with tap or osmosis water until an almost mushy consistency is achieved. This mush must be left to stand at room temperature for approx. 12 hours and then becomes solid again. Before feeding, the feed must be diluted with water again. The porridge can either be administered with a syringe in the immediate vicinity of the animals to be fed or it can be added to the entire aquarium, for example with a spoon. The prepared amount of NANOfood porridge should be fed several times a day in smaller quantities to ensure constant food availability.

The water turbidity that occurs during feeding is effectively removed within a few hours by protein skimming, whereby a short-term collapse of the skimming immediately after feeding is not critical. Without protein skimming, the material settles slowly, which increases the aquarium's own turbidity in the long term. Therefore, the decoration should be vacuumed off at regular intervals during water changes.

Contains animal, vegetable and mineral components in particle form. Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from light. Not suitable for human consumption. Keep out of the reach of children.