Modern Reef LPS Color & Growth (Micro-Pearl)

Modern Reef LPS Color & Growth (Micro-Pearl)
Modern Reef LPS Color & Growth (Micro-Pearl)

Bio-Engineered Micro-Pearl coral target feeding

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LPS color & growth is a micro-pearl, high-protein coral food for target or broadcast feeding.

The micro-pearl technology used to create this product is designed to prevent the food from diluting into the water. Instead, it travels into the mechanical filtration before it can break down and cause nutrient accumulations. This feature allows reefers to remove excess foods after the feeding process, before declining water quality. It improves the growth and coloration of corals and promotes a better immune system. This formula can be used for all corals, particularly for LPS corals.


Highly dependent on the number of corals that you want to target feed. Mix ½-1 teaspoon with 50 ml of aquarium water. Feed daily or 2-3 times per week.