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Amazing Aquarium Experience.Premium products for professional aquarists and enthusiasts.

With their unique and colorful life, waterscapes provide some of the most magnificent natural phenomena on earth. By recreating these lively ecosystems, you can make a unique experience. Combined with your passion, it is the products chosen that make your aquarium a successful creation. That’s where Coralsands comes in.

Coralsands specializes in premium aquaristic products for all aquarium enthusiasts and professionals of the highest degree — seawater and freshwater. We have the products that you need to be successful and satisfied as you build a long-lasting, healthy aquarium that can unfold to its fullest splendor.

Aquaristics as specialized as you.

We know that each aquarium reflects its owner’s devotion. Coralsands carries only those products that will meet your highest demands. We work with brands that manufacture highly specialized products, brands which invest in innovation and know-how. Our aim is to ensure the business benefits everyone involved -- and that together we can make a valuable contribution to aquaristics.

Our dealers are invaluable partners, important points of contact for you and centers of expertise that add to the conversation surrounding aquariums. We’re convinced that this is the best path forward for the aquaristics community.

Innovation, high purpose and leading aquarium brands.

Our dedication to the aquaristics scene and understanding for what makes a quality product has led Coralsands to create a unique product portfolio. We have discovered future market leaders in our search for quality products and select our partners very conscientiously. That’s why we carry only the brands that add best value in their field. We are convinced of the potential these brands hold and the high quality and innovations they offer.

800 retailers across Europe. A partner near you.

We believe in cooperation and partnership, because we think this is the only way everyone can progress. Our network includes only those with an honest interest in aquaristics and is based on trust and respect. As a result, we’re selective in which dealers we work with. You’ll find us at over 800 retailers across Europe.

Discover the best in the world of aquaristics.

With over ten years of experience in the field, we’re happy to do what we can to offer you the ideal product experience, whether that be troubleshooting, offering advice on how to care for your products or coordinating the best shipping and delivery on your order. We have products in stock to meet your needs.

Our small, knowledgeable team of aquaristics professionals is always on the lookout for the latest to ensure you get the best aquaristic products out there. Discover now.