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Nyos Floating Fish Trap

Nyos Floating Fish Trap
Nyos Floating Fish Trap
Nyos Floating Fish Trap
Nyos Floating Fish Trap
Nyos Floating Fish Trap

Magnetic and floating fish trap


  • Manufacturer:Nyos
  • Item number:156188
59,90 €

including 19% VAT ,

Recommended retail price: 59,90 €

Innovative, wireless principle

With conventional traps, catching fish is complicated because a mechanism for catching the fish usually has to be activated via a line. With the Nyos® FLOATING FISH TRAP®, on the other hand, only the magnetic connection is released as soon as a fish is trapped. An air body at the opening of the trap provides a quick 90 degree turn and buoyancy of the trap and the fish.

Flexibility thanks to the magnetic holder

The fish trap can be attached to the aquarium glass with the magnetic holder. This allows a flexible position in the aquarium. The trap can be placed close to the surface of the water so that the food can be easily added with the supplied pipette.

Compact dimensions

The Nyos® FLOATING FISH TRAP® is compact and is quickly accepted by the fish due to its round, transparent design.

Tips for catching aquarium fish

The fish need time to get used to the trap

  • As they get used to it, just feed the fish through the trap
  • For fish that feed on algae, algae leaves can be secured with the included magnet
  • The pipette can also be used to keep the food moving. Many fish tend to react to moving food
  • With small and fast fish, wait until the fish have swum all the way into the trap
  • Do not use the trap to catch several large fish at once
  • In case of shy fish, attach a string to the magnetic holder so that it can be released from a distance
  • For shy fish, remove any dominant fish from the aquarium beforehand
  • If necessary, turn off the power so that the food stays in the trap

Designed for glass thicknesses of 8-15 mm

Dimensions (LxWxH): 152 x 152 x 160 mm
Glass Thickness: max. 15 mm
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