Prodibio AquaTerra Plus

Prodibio AquaTerra Plus
Prodibio AquaTerra Plus

Premium substrate with heather plant soil

  • favours development & rooting of plants
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AquaTerra Plus is made of heather, pozzolana and dolomite soil, green coal (French coal 100% from the recycling of vegetable matter) which aerates the soil and acts as a bacterial carrier) and mycorrhyzae.

Contains a bacterial starter kit for fresh water soil.

Pour 1 cm of water at the bottom of your tank. Carefully break each side of each vial contained in BacterKit Soil. Pour the content of each vial in water and mix. Spread a layer of Aquaterra Plus of at least 5 cm (2 in.) thick in the water and add another a layer of sand or gravel on top.

The selection of mycorrhizae by Prodibio improves both the absorption capacity of the root system of your plants and strengthens the leaves resistance.

3 = 60 L Aquarium 6 = 120 L Aquarium
Heather plant soil, pozzolanic ash, dolomite, Biovert Coral (coal from the recycling of plant waste) and mycorrhizae