beta acuarios Line Nano Cube 20 Optic-White Glass 10 L

beta acuarios Line Nano Cube 20 Optic-White Glass 10 L

Superior elegance and manufacturing precision

  • Nearly invisible outlines
  • Perfect proportions for aquascapes
  • Made of optic white glass
  • Glass thickness 4 mm
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Making aquaristics an all-round experience

The Line Cube Aquarium makes the fascination of the aquatic landscape visible all around, while remaining invisible itself. With its square proportions, the Line Cube Aquarium allows you to create a unique eye-catcher. Cubes fascinate with their perfect symmetry and are particularly suitable for detailed pools that can be viewed all around. Cubes can be integrated elegantly and minimalistically in any room.

Square, high quality and in different sizes

By processing highly transparent float glass or optical glass and transparent silicone, the tanks themselves are almost invisible. In the Line Nano Cube aquariums, 5 cm more height are given to the square base, providing a high volume of water in a small space.

The perfect space for your water world

Innovation and quality awareness, tradition and attention to detail are the basis of all beta's products. Decades of experience in aquarium design and manufacturing go into their range of well thought out and coordinated solutions. Each product demonstrates beta's unique combination of materials, technology and craftsmanship. A deep understanding of the needs of aquarium inhabitants and their owners shapes all of their products. This makes Beta an emerging brand in the world of aquariums.

Elegance and clean lines for breathtaking aquatic worlds

Beta acuarios' passion is understated and highly functional aquariums that bring your creativity and vision to the forefront. Clear, discreet lines and a simple, elegant design define beta's aquariums and make them almost invisible. New paths have also been taken with lighting solutions: the focus is on a timeless design that does not have to hide behind bulky covers. Pools and lighting form an overall picture and a perfect space in which you can bring your water world to life.

Developed with attention to detail and high standards

During the development and production, the best possible result is strived for. Beta is guided by the individual requirements of their different customer groups. Starting with the youngest up to the absolute professional, every aquarist is offered the right equipment. In terms of appearance and functionality, the products meet even the highest demands.

Technology and quality you can rely on

In production, the best of craftsmanship is combined with the highest level of industrial technology. This creates quality you can rely on. The best glass on the market and a glass thickness higher than required by the current safety standard is used. Each edge is polished and each tank is glued by hand with special acetic curing silicones of the highest quality. The aquariums have great tensile strength, elongation at break of more than 350% and high resistance to pressure. This is not only a quality promise on the part of beta acuarios. You get a 3-year warranty on their products against water leaks. Convince yourself.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 20 x 20 x 25 cm
Glass Thickness: 4 mm
Volume: 10 l