Nyos Active Carb 1.000 ml

Nyos Active Carb 1.000 ml

High quality activated carbon for aquariums

  • extremely high binding capacity
  • low in phosphates & heavy metals
  • provides crystal clear water
  • Manufacturer:Nyos
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NYOS® ACTIVE CARB is a high-quality, steam-activated, pH-neutral activated carbon, the use of which achieves crystal clear, clean aquarium water.

The advantages at a glance:
  • removes harmful yellow substances, organic pollution, cloudiness, odours and nettle toxins in a highly effective manner
  • extremely high binding capacity
  • high-quality, steam activated and pH-neutral
  • low in phosphate and heavy metals
  • for crystal clear freshwater and sea water aquariums

NYOS® ACTIVE CARB can be used both in the short term (e.g. to remove medicine residues) and in the long term. For long-term use apply approx. 500 - 1000 ml (17-34 oz.) NYOS® ACTIVE CARB to each 1000 l (250 gal) of aquarium water and change it every four weeks. For short-term use, the amount can also be doubled. NYOS® ACTIVE CARB can be added directly into the aquarium circulation in a filter sleeve or between two layers of the filter floss. The best results can be achieved with a fluidized reactor.

Not suitable for human consumption.