Nyos Phosi-Ex 500 ml

Nyos Phosi-Ex 500 ml

Phosphate and Silicate removal media

  • removes phosphate & silicate
  • removes & prevents algae plagues
  • no release of aluminium
  • provides crystal clear water
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NYOS® PHOSI-EX is an extremely high-performance, moist and secure silicate and phosphate adsorber on an iron basis. The targeted use of PHOSI-EX will prevent unwanted algae plagues effectively and your aquarium will shine in all its glory.

The advantages at a glance:
  • removes phosphate and silicate permanently, quickly and efficiently
  • removes and prevents unwanted algae plagues
  • no change to the pH value
  • no release of aluminium or other harmful substances
  • provides crystal clear aquarium water

NYOS® PHOSI-EX can be added directly into the aquarium circulation in the filter sleeve or between two layers of the filter foss. The best results can be achieved with a fluidized reactor. Start by using approx 150 - 200 ml (5-7 oz.) NYOS® PHOSI-EX per 500 l (125 gal) of aquarium water. This amount can be increased in stages after a few days if required.


1.000 - 2.000 l marine water at 0,5 mg / l phosphate

Do not rinse out before use. Any brownish-red clouding of the aquarium water that may occur is completely unproblematic. Do not overdose; monitor the phosphate value regularly during use (e.g. with Nyos Phosphate test kit). Always undertake changes to the aquarium slowly. 1000 ml (34 oz.) NYOS® PHOSI-EX suffices for around 2000 - 4000 l (400 - 800 gal) of seawater (with 0.5 ppm phosphate). Not suitable for human consumption.