aqua connect DINO remove 500 ml

aqua connect DINO remove 500 ml

Removes Dinoflagellates

  • free of ammonium compounds
  • removes quickly unicellular algae
  • does not affect bacteria flora in the aquarium
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DINOremove is a specially developed product for the reliable removal of algae plagues of all kinds. Its unique active ingredients lead to the required success after only a short time. DINOremove is particularly effective against unicellular algae such as dinoflagellates and gold algae.

With this type of treatment the bacterial flora in the aquarium is not affected. DINOremove is free of ammonium compounds.

5 ml per 100 l aquarium water per day. Only dose after switching off the aquarium lighting. Please switch off the ozonizer and UV-C sterilizer. The protein skimmer must remain in use. Remove activated carbon and absorber before treatment. Carry out the treatment until the algae are no longer present. Then continue dosing for another 3 days.

Poly (hexamethyleneebiguanide) hydrochlorides

Some types of algae release toxins when they die. Algae-eating animals such as sea urchins, crabs, etc. can suffer damage as a result. DINOremove is not suitable for consumption and must be kept out of reach of children.

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