ROWA RO-Membran L-90 90 GPD

ROWA RO-Membran L-90 90 GPD

Organic descaling agent

  • Descales reliably
  • cleans by itself
  • environmentally friendly descaling
  • Manufacturer:Rowa
  • SKU:155247
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Cleaning and decalcifying with one agent

The use of hard tap water for freshwater aquariums and the high lime content in marine aquariums leads to unwanted lime deposits in pipes, on hose connections and other aquarium accessories.

ROWA®clean cleans stubborn lime encrustations on your equipment (e.g. pumps, hoses etc.) independently and thoroughly.

ROWA®clean contains a highly concentrated, pure fruit acid and is therefore very productive, easy to use and ecologically harmless.

The effect can be very easily enhanced by use in reverse osmosis water.