aqua connect CYANO remove liquid 250 ml

aqua connect CYANO remove liquid 250 ml

Natural removal of cyanobacteria

  • natural product
  • suitable for dosing pumps
  • free of antibiotics
  • Made in Germany
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Removing cyanobacteria biologically

With CYANOremove you can now easily remove cyanobacteria biologically. It is a natural product and does not contain antibiotics.

CYANOremove liquid works on a purely biological basis. Due to the special composition of the ingredients, only those bacteria are increased that are able to displace the cyanobacteria. Since these bacteria consume oxygen and nutrients, please follow the notes.

It should be noted that a skimmer must be present.

Dosage for an acute infestation: Add 1 - 3 ml per 100 l of seawater daily until the plaque is significantly reduced.
Dosage for prevention: Apply 1 - 2 ml CYANO remove liquid per 100 l seawater 1 - 2 times a week. Make sure that there are at least 3 days in between doses.

A skimmer must be present. Pay attention to the nitrate and pH levels, as these may drop as a result of the treatment. If there are anemones in the aquarium or if it is a very nutrient-poor aquarium, it is recommended to work with half the dosage. If your nitrate or phosphate value is at zero, we do not recommend to use this product, otherwise nutrient limitation may occur.

Not suitable for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children.

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