Flipper DeepSee

Flipper DeepSee
Flipper DeepSee
Flipper DeepSee
Flipper DeepSee
Flipper DeepSee
Flipper DeepSee
Flipper DeepSee
Flipper DeepSee
Flipper DeepSee
Flipper DeepSee
Flipper DeepSee

Magnifying glass for more in-depth views of your aquarium

  • distortion-free vision due to optical glass lens
  • the most important things in view through flexible positioning
  • robust & versatile up to 10 mm (Nano), 16 mm (Standard) & 20 mm (Max) material thickness
  • viewing range up to 30 cm
  • Manufacturer:Flipper
  • Item number:V190719
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Recommended retail price: 34,90 €

The magnifying glass for distortion-free insights into your aquarium

DeepSee is the latest product from the manufacturer of the legendary Flipper Cleaner. The magnifying glass can be easily floated on the front screen of your aquarium to magnify an area of your choice. You can attach the Flipper DeepSee to any part of your aquarium glass as it is held by a magnet on the inside of the glass. The magnifying glass appears to float on the outside of your aquarium and is easy to use.

Crystal clear view guaranteed due to optical glass

Usually, you are used to having everything in your view not only magnified, but unfortunately also visually distorted. The lens of the Flipper DeepSee is made of optical glass, so you get the best view without distortion. Within a range of 5 - 15 cm (2 - 6" Nano), 7 - 20 cm (3 - 8" Standard) and 20 - 30 cm (8 - 12" Max) you can look through the magnifying glass into your aquarium to see corals, fish, shells, shrimp, snails and everything else at your ease.

The most important things in view through flexible positioning

Due to the virtually floating movement of the DeepSee Flipper on the glass, it is easy to follow animals in motion. You can move the magnifying glass freely and and it stays where you let go. So you can not only enjoy the beauty of your animals and the created landscapes. You can also use the magnifying glass to detect diseases, parasites and other risks in time and perfectly ensure a high quality of your aquarium inhabitants.

Robust and versatile up to 20 mm material thickness

The magnifying glass holds firmly in place on aquariums or terrariums with a glass thickness of up to 10 mm (Nano), 16 mm (Standard), 20 mm (Max) and at the same time can be moved easily. The magnet which fixes the magnifier to the glass is suitable for seawater. You can therefore use Flipper DeepSee in both fresh and salt water aquariums. And this applies to both glass and acrylic tanks. Aquarists and all enthusiastic observers appreciate the Flipper DeepSee for its high quality and intuitive use.

Dimensions (LxWxH):

11,4 x 7,9 x 1,1 cm (Nano)
15 x 10,3 x 1,2 cm (Standard)
19 x 13,3 x 1,5 cm (Max)

Glass Thickness:

Up to 10 mm (Nano)
UP to 16 mm (Standard)
Up to 20 mm (Max)

Viewing Range:

5 - 15 cm (Nano)
8 - 20 cm (Standard)
15 - 25 cm (Max)

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