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Prodibio Bacter Kit Aragonite

Prodibio Bacter Kit Aragonite
Prodibio Bacter Kit Aragonite
Prodibio Bacter Kit Aragonite

Bacteria Kit to start Sand or Substrate in your marine aquarium

  • make dry sand or substrate into live sand
  • boost old sand or Substrate with new bacteria
  • starts Nitrogen cycle in new aquariums
  • Manufacturer:Prodibio
  • Item number:V120815
  • Included:BacterKit 6 3 Ampullen Bacter Aragonite und 3 Ampullen Nutri Aragonite BacterKit 30 15 Ampullen Bacter Aragonite und 15 Ampullen  Nutri Aragonite
starting from 12,70 €

including 19% VAT ,

Recommended retail price: 12,70 €

Kit to inoculate and reactivate any marine substrate

Building on the success of Prodibio's product BioDigest®, they focused their research on the development of very specific products for the seeding and maintenance of aquarium substrates.

BacterKit Aragonite «new formula» is a quick, efficient, and economical solution for providing the microorganisms necessary to start the nitrogen cycle in all marine aquarium substrates. The microorganisms present will also participate in the degradation of organic matter and waste that is deposited on the ground and limit the appearance of unwanted algae.
BacterKit Aragonite «new formula» can also be used to reactivate old substrate or following a treatment that has impacted the bacterial flora of the tank.

The kit includes ampoules of marine bacterial strains (BacterKit Aragonite) and ampoules of targeted nutrients (Nutri Aragonite) to immediately feed these bacteria.
The effectiveness of this association is immediate, no latency time necessary for the bacteria to wake up or to put them to work.
BacterKit Aragonite «new formula» can be used in all protocols for seeding inert rock or reactivation of living rock and with all soils on the market.

For initial application: 3 ampoules of Bacter Aragonite and 3 ampoules of Nutri Aragonite treat 10 kg of new substrate. For reactivation: 1 ampoule of Bacter Aragonite and 1 ampoule of Nutri Aragonite treat 10 kg of "old" substrate.
Do not leave within the reach of children.
PDF Prodibio BacterKit Aragonite Datasheet
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