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Prodibio Start up

Prodibio Start up
Prodibio Start up

For quick initial start up of your aquarium

  • biological filtration and decomposition of organic waste
  • binds toxic ammonia immediately
  • fish can be inserted after a few hours
  • suitable for fresh water and marine water
  • Manufacturer:Prodibio
  • Item number:V120716
starting from 15,90 €

including 19% VAT ,

Recommended retail price: 15,90 €

The first step to a healthy aquarium

With the Prodibio Start Up Kit, you can ensure a natural and safe aquarium start in freshwater and marine aquariums, as well as a quick regeneration of the system during water changes or restocking. In addition to all the bacterial strains necessary for biological filtration and the decomposition of organic waste in the aquarium, the kit contains Stop Ammo vials, a product based on special plant extracts that immediately bind the ammonia.

For a natural and safe aquarium start

With one pack of Prodibio Start Up you get the products Stop Ammo Start and BioDigest Start - the perfect combination to start the biological filtration quickly and to bind toxic nitrogen compounds immediately.

Each 1 ml BioDigest vial contains about 50 billion bacteria, protected from any contamination. You can be 100% sure that you are not bringing unwanted or potentially harmful organisms into your aquarium.

For complete nitrogen decomposition

BioDigest Start combines strains of bacteria selected for their ability to break down the entire nitrogen chain. The strains are highly concentrated and coordinated to complete the work done by the others: Nitrifying, nitrate-reducing and facultative bacteria successively convert ammonia and ammonium into nitrites, nitrites into nitrates and nitrates into nitrogen.

Biological filtration and decomposition of organic waste

With BioDigest Start you achieve long-term decomposition of all organic waste, accelerated nitrogen decomposition and completely biological filtration. Your system remains in natural balance: the risk of nutrient limitation as with non-biological filter media is reduced, as is the cause of algae growth, as the two main nutrients nitrate and phosphate are partially metabolized by the bacteria.

Immediate binding of toxic ammonia

Stop Ammo is made from plant extracts that are able to bind ammonia, which automatically reduces the nitrite production. Thus Stop Ammo traps ammonia and nitrite peaks until the bacteria have established themselves in the tank and can build up a suitable population size to take over the nitrogen decomposition completely. Prodibio Start Up ensures more safety than most conventional starter bacterial kits, which are not able to immediately convert or eliminate high ammonia concentrations.

Within a few hours you can insert the first fish

Due to the coordinated products, which are based on the biological model, the environment is so stable after only a few hours (after approx. four hours for freshwater and approx. 12 hours for saltwater aquariums) that you can insert the first fish into your aquarium.

Prodibio Start Up also helps to bring the system back into balance or keep it in balance in case of a water change, ammonia or nitrite peaks or an increase in stock in an established System.

Nano range:

0 to 60 l (0 to 15 US gal) : blister 2 vials
60 to 120 l (15 to 30 US gal) : blister 4 vials

Standard range:

120 to 180 l (30 to 45 US gal) : box of 6
180 to 360 l (45 to 90 US gal) : box of 12
360 to 1000 l (90 to 250 US gal) : box of 30

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