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Ocean Nutrition Shell Free Artemia

Ocean Nutrition Shell Free Artemia
Ocean Nutrition Shell Free Artemia
Ocean Nutrition Shell Free Artemia
Ocean Nutrition Shell Free Artemia

Co-feeding diet for fish & shrimp larvae

  • for marine & freshwater fish and shrimp
  • optimal water stability resulting in minimal water pollution
  • offers 30% to 50% more energy than live Artemia nauplii
  • high levels of the natural antioxidant & pigment canthaxanthin 
starting from 8,40 €

including 7% VAT ,

Recommended retail price: 8,40 €

Ready to use shell free Artemia

Ocean Nutrition Shell Free Artemia is a natural Artemia product that combines the nutritional benefits of freshly hatched Artemia with the user friendliness of a dry feed.

Shell Free Artemia or decapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs are Artemia Cysts of which the hard shell (or chorion) that encysts the dormant brine shrimp embryo is completely removed. This procedure is called decapsulation. Shell Free Artemia cannot be hatched anymore.

Ocean Nutrition Shell Free Artemia offer 30% to 50% more energy than live Artemia nauplii. It is perfect for marine and freshwater (Baby) fish, Shrimps, Anemones, etc.

Shell Free Artemia has an optimal water stability resulting in minimal water Pollution.


Instructions for Use - Weigh out the required amount of Shell Free Artemia according to the applied feeding regime. Divide the total daily feeding amount and feed frequently in small rations. It is advised to hydrate the Shell Free Artemia first for a few minutes in freshwater in a separate recipient. Spread the rations evenly over the water-surface, providing sufficient aeration in the tank. Siphon if sedimentation occurs.
Vitamin E: 160 mg/kg
Vitamin C: 550 mg/kg
Protein: 54 %
Fiber: 6 %
Fat: 9 %
Ash: 4 %
Moisture: 8 %
Store in a cool and dry place. After the package has been opened, keep the product tightly sealed with the plastic cover and away from light.
PDF Ocean Nutrition Shell Free Artemia Flyer
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