CaribSea AragaMILK 3,78 Liter

CaribSea AragaMILK 3,78 Liter
CaribSea AragaMILK 3,78 Liter
CaribSea AragaMILK 3,78 Liter

Alkalinity booster of liquid aragonite

  • stabilizes the pH, KH and calcium level
  • perfect for R/O water
  • for fresh and saltwater tanks
  • long-term secure buffer
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Multifunctional stabilizer

If you have any problems with the pH, KH and calcium levels in your aquarium, with CaribSea AragaMilk™ you get an enrichment that also serves as a pH buffer and stabilises the calcium, alkalinity and pH levels. The alkalinity booster can be used in fresh and saltwater tanks, as well as for the preparation of osmotic water.

For long-term reliability

AragaMilk™ is the perfect alkalinity booster because it has a lot of buffers in each bottle. This buffer comes in two forms: Bicarbonate for instant reaction and carbonate out of aragonite. This second form provides a more secure buffer that will be released over 2-3 days, for long-term safety without any fierce pH fluctuations that can stress your armored inhabitants. This double buffering also makes AragaMilk™ an excellent compound to buffer your African cichlids or livebearing aquarium inhabitants in addition. You will notice that CaribSea AragaMilk™ stops the downward of pH fluctuations that are so frequent in large fish, which are only found in the sea and cichlid aquariums, and helps you to create an environment for happy, healthy and more colourful fish!

Natural product composition

AragaMilk™ is not a chemistry-made product, as it consists of natural, liquid micron-sized aragonite. It contains balanced calcium, carbonate buffer and essential trace elements such as strontium, magnesium and barium. Supports the growth of coralline algae (red algae).