aqua connect Toxi remove 500 ml

aqua connect Toxi remove 500 ml

Instant detoxification and emergency aid for fresh and saltwater tanks

  • stabilizes the water quality
  • effective against heavy exposure to ammonia and Ammonium
  • in case of fish mortality, heavy organic pollution or filter accidents
  • binds heavy metals, phenols and chlorine
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TOXI remove is the immediate detoxification aid and emergency measure in marine and freshwater aquariums. TOXI remove is a valuable helper for imports and is applied there in the drop method.

TOXI remove is an emergency aid for aquariums with a high level of ammonia and ammonium contamination. These poisonous compounds are especially created when setting up new aquariums, fish mortality, strong organic pollution or filter accidents. TOXI remove binds heavy metals, phenols and chlorine. TOXI remove should be used prophylactically at every water change. TOXI remove is easy to use and stabilizes the water quality and should always be available as an emergency aid.

Add 30 ml TOXI remove to 100 l of aquarium water. Increased dosages are not harmful. The highly effective ingredients settle on the bottom of the bottle, so it is essential to shake vigorously before application and add directly to the aquarium. This will become cloudy, but will clear up again after a short time. Suction off sediments from time to time.

TOXI remove has an unlimited shelf life due to its pure mineral ingredients. TOXI remove is not suitable for consumption and must be kept out of reach of children.