aqua connect QUALITY Carbon 500 gr

aqua connect QUALITY Carbon 500 gr

Activated carbon for removal of impurities

  • water detoxification
  • improved polyp appearance
  • clear water in the aquarium
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QUALITY Carbon was developed especially for aquariums. The highest quality was emphasized. QUALITY Carbon reliably removes toxic compounds, toxic and yellow substances, dissolved organic impurities and residual substances from medicines. This leads to clear water and an improved appearance of polyps.

We recommend 500g/1000 ml QUALITY carbon per 1000 l aquarium water. Put QUALITY carbon into the enclosed filter bag.

We recommend a rinsing with hot water before use, to free the macropores from air. After that, the activated carbon is ready to use and can be placed directly in the filter.

For long-term use of activated carbon, the addition of trace elements should be adjusted. Use QUALITY carbon according to specification. For heavy exposure reduction to toxic substances or organic matter, we recommend removing or replacing the activated carbon after 2-3 days. To achieve a permanent clarification of the aquarium water, the activated carbon can remain in the filter for up to 4 weeks.