Premium carbon for crystal clear water

  • adsorbs harmful toxins, organic waste products & medication
  • comes in pellets (reducing fine-grain material)
  • is highly effective in removing fulvic acids & ozone
  • removes unwanted remains of medical substances
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Problems with algae are often caused by the release of phosphate (PO4) from activated carbon with high POI levels – often as high as 14.0, which inhibits lime synthesis in coralline algae, corals and other organisms that deposit lime.

ROWA®carbon is distinguished by its exceptionally low POI level of only 1.3.

The discharge of phosphate is considerably below detection levels of phosphate test kits available to the hobbyist.

ROWA®carbon is highly active, pH-balanced and features reduces POI levels (Phosphate-Output-Index).

Please rinse ROWA®carbon with water before use to remove carbon dust. ROWA®carbon should be placed between layers of fine filter cotton wool, and put in a sump or in a separate filter. A suitable filter sock is included. The content of this package will treat up to 2.000 litres of aquarium water for approx. 3 months.

This product is not recommended to be re-used!