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aqua connect FASTbond Zementkleber 1000 g

aqua connect FASTbond Zementkleber 1000 g

Fine pore aquarium cement

  • Safe and secure reverberation of reef superstructures
  • Can also be used under water
  • Corals bond very well with this cement
  • You determine the processing time
  • Harmless for corals & fishes
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Cement for marine aquariums

Aqua connect's Fastbond cement adhesive can be used underwater as well as out of water. This makes it ideal for modeling and bonding reef structures or rock to build amazing aquascapes. It is also ideal for positioning and fixing corals and frags.

The warmer the water, the faster the cement sets. The temperature should not exceed 35°C - at this temperature, for example, the cement sets in less than a minute, and in lukewarm water in about 2 minutes.

For fish and corals the cement adhesive is completely harmless.

Mix 5 ml of water with 15 g of Fastbond in a suitable container. (General mixing ratio: 3 g Fastbond per 1 ml water). Process the cement to a homogeneous mass. The processing time with cold water lasts approx. 5-6 minutes, with lukewarm water 2 minutes and with warm water (not above 35°C) less than 1 minute. You can extend the processing time by increasing the water content, which is useful, for example, when building a reef. Heat is generated when the Fastbond sets. From this point on, no mechanical pressure should be applied for 12-24 hours, otherwise Fastbond will crumble. The setting time depends on the temperature of the water and the amount of liquid added.  Thus, you can determine the processing time yourself.
Weight: 1000 g
The water must not be warmer than 35°C!