aqua connect ENERGY ELEMENTS No. 4 (500 ml)

aqua connect ENERGY ELEMENTS No. 4 (500 ml)
aqua connect ENERGY ELEMENTS No. 4 (500 ml)

Organic macronutrient complex

  • increases the colour intensity, promoting growth
  • increases vitality and improves the polyp image
  • does not increase algae growth
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Organic macronutrient complex for the supplementation of organic macronutrients and for trace element complexation. The nutrition of symbiotic corals is not exclusively limited to the transfer of energy-rich nutrients from the symbiotic algae to the host animals. Rather, the daily nutrient supply of corals is a complex mechanism, which is connected with a constant intake of dissolved micro and macro nutrients from the surrounding water.

Of central importance for the functioning and effect of certain metabolic processes are the trace elements known as micronutrients. A daily dosage of energy elements no. 1-3 supplies all corals in the aquarium with these essential micronutrients.

Macronutrients are of organic nature and, in contrast to micronutrients, serve, among other things, to produce energy. They therefore guarantee the general flow of all metabolic processes in the coral cells.

The importance of a daily supply of organic macronutrients has so far been neglected in aquaristics.

Energy elements no. 4 "makrocomplex" supplies the corals with important organic macro nutrients in sufficient quantities every day and thus provides a basis for healthy and strong coral growth.

In accordance with the daily trace element dosage via energy elements no. 1-3, the additional supply of macro complex not only contributes to the basic energy supply of the corals: by molecular complexing of micro nutrients available in the water with the help of certain selected organic transport molecules in macro complex, a significantly improved nutrient availability over 24 hours can also be achieved. The complexing molecules prevent certain trace elements such as iron or manganese from being converted into insoluble forms in seawater and facilitate their uptake by coral cells.

The organic macro/micro-nutrient complexes produced in this way remain stable in seawater for a long time and are not skimmed off by the protein skimmer.


Daily 1 ml per 100 l aquarium water.
The dosage recommendation refers to an aquarium well stocked with corals. Please note that in case of a weak population, the dosage must be reduced accordingly. Automated addition is recommended. Do not exceed dosage.

Avoid skin contact. Not suitable for human consumption.
Keep out of reach of children.