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Prodibio Biokit Reef

Prodibio Biokit Reef
Prodibio Biokit Reef

Maintenance kit for coral reef aquariums

  • special all-round care with all important additives
  • 6 products included in this kit
  • basic prerequisite for healthy development
  • includes BioDigest, Bioptim, Coral Vits, Iodi+ and Stronti+
  • Manufacturer:Prodibio
  • Item number:V120717
38,90 €

including 19% VAT ,

Recommended retail price: 41,70 €

The all-inclusive wellness pack for your seawater aquarium

Thanks to Prodibio BioKit Reef, maintaining a healthy marine aquarium is easy, safe and fast! In just one pack you get the most important products you need to maintain your reef aquarium: Bacteria for biological filtration as well as all relevant micronutrients to supply bacteria, fish and invertebrates. The perfectly coordinated products ensure a healthy ecosystem, support growth and give corals vibrant colours.

For a healthy ecosystem

BioKit Reef combines a unique combination of high quality products for the care and maintenance of your reef aquarium. It contains all necessary bacteria for biological filtration as well as a balanced combination of important micronutrients including vitamins and trace elements to support all essential metabolic processes. The products ensure a balanced supply of all necessary microorganisms and nutrients. BioKit Reef thus provides the basic prerequisite for the development of a healthy ecological system of bacteria, red algae, microfauna and corals!

Special all-round supply of all organisms

BioKit Reef is the natural all-round supply for your saltwater tank. It contains Prodibio BioDigest, which quickly initiates biological filtration and nitrogen decomposition and reduces algae growth. Thanks to Prodibio Bioptim, all bacterial strains are supplied with essential micronutrients for optimal water purification. Prodibio Reef Booster contains all necessary nutrients for corals and live rocks. Thanks to Prodibio Coral Vits, corals and fish get all the essential vitamins. Last but not least, Prodibio Iodi + and Prodibio Stronti + promote a strong growth and vibrant colours of corals and strengthen their tolerance to stress.

For safe and reliable dosage

When putting together the products, the biological interaction of the entire microcosm was in focus. Instead of limiting itself to certain individual components, Prodibio has put together a complete package with a precisely coordinated product combination that is easy to dose and safe to use. With BioKit Reef you avoid over- or undersupply: Your pool is perfectly supplied and balanced without you having to worry about any other additives. This not only saves you time and nerves, but also money in the end.

The entire basis for a healthy development

BioKit Reef naturally supports the interaction and maintenance of a healthy ecosystem and numerous metabolic processes. Vitamins, micronutrients and trace elements are quickly consumed in a closed saltwater aquarium or eliminated by technology and environmental influences. BioKit Reef provides this vital basis effectively and in physiologically adequate concentrations. This ensures healthy growth and prevents the corals from dying.

All the advantages of the Prodibio product range for marine aquariums

In a single pack of BioKit Reef you will find almost all the advantages of the Prodibio marine aquarium range and years of research and development. Each vial contains a hermetically sealed dose from strictly controlled production. This guarantees easy dosing and above all that all bacterial strains and supplements are protected from any contamination and have a long shelf life. So you can be 100% sure that you are not bringing potentially harmful organisms into your Aquarium.

Nano range: 1 vial for 60 l (15 US gal) / 15 days

Standard range: 1 vial for 200 l (50 US gal) / 15 days

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