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Prodibio Iodi+ & Stronti+ Nano 4 Ampullen

Prodibio Iodi+ & Stronti+ Nano 4 Ampullen

Iodine & Strontium supplements for corals

  • vital for the optimal development of corals
  • Iodine promotes the colouration of corals
  • helps them adapt to lighting variations
  • neutralizes excess oxygen - thus helps to combat bleaching


  • Manufacturer:Prodibio
  • Item number:120746
  • Included:Blister of 4 vials, 2x Iodi+, 2x Stronti+
7,00 €

including 19% VAT ,

Recommended retail price: 7,00 €

Iodine and strontium are essential elements that are vital for the development of corals in closed reef tank environments.

Trace elements are constantly replenished in the natural marine environment, but strontium concentrations in a closed reef tank environment decrease rapidly, which means that it must be balanced. The strontium decreases proportionally with the calcium in a reef aquarium, so you can determine the strontium requirement by examining the calcium content.

So does iodine, which is quickly consumed by invertebrates and also excreted through the skimmer, activated carbon, filter and crustal algae.

IODI+ & STRONTI+ supply all the iodine and strontium, which in combination ensure optimal growth of corals, clams and coral algae. In addition, IODI+ promotes the colouration of corals and helps them adapt to lighting variations. In addition, it neutralizes excess oxygen produced by zooxanthellae when they are exposed to too much light. Thus it helps the corals to combat bleaching.

Nano range: 1 vial each for 60 l (15 US gal) / 15 days
PDF Prodibio Iodi+ Datasheet
PDF Prodibio Stronti+ Datasheet
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