aqua connect BIObasic

aqua connect BIObasic

Natural removal of nitrate and phosphate

  • can significantly shorten the start-up phase
  • desired nutrient content very precisely adjustable
  • suitable as a complete carbon source
  • increases the efficiency of the skimmer
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BIObasic is designed to supply the biology in seawater in a natural way and thus guarantees a natural environment in the easiest way.

After intensive research, BIObasic is a product on a purely biological basis. This lays the foundation for a natural and nutrient-poor seawater aquarium.
This unique combination of various carbon sources, folic acids, pantothenic acids, vitamin complexes and amino acids ensures that all the bacterial strains required for the corresponding reduction phases are available, thus creating a balanced environment in the aquarium.

The reproduction of certain bacteria and their enrichment with vitamins, carbons etc. results in bacterial plankton after a short time, which is then available to the corals as food. A better polyp picture, more beautiful colours and healthy growth are the result.

The running-in phase is significantly reduced when using BIObasic. In combination with our Deep Blue sea salt and about 20% good living rock, the first corals can be used after about 12-16 days. In order for the biology to adapt to the stress, the fish stocking should be increased only slowly.  

BIObasic removes nitrate, phosphate and other inhibitors in a natural way, provides healthy and colorful corals and a stable biology.

The nutrient content in the aquarium can be adjusted relatively precisely. With BIObasic you are able to reduce the nutrient load to the desired level and restore the biological balance. This leads to a good control of the aquarium and reduces the risk of overloading.

BIObasic can be used as a complete carbon source for the use of all filter systems.

By using BIObasic the skimmer works much better.

Daily 0.5 - 1 ml BIObasic per 100 litres of water.

For existing tanks with high nutrient content, start with half of the indicated dosage quantity. Gradually adjust the dosage slowly, as a too rapid change can be stressful for the animals. When you have reached the desired nutrient concentration or when bacteria coatings have visibly formed on the rock, reduce the dosage quantity by 50%. In case of overdosage a bacterial bloom can occur, this is dangerous for fish as the oxygen concentration decreases.

Carbon sources
Folic acid
Pantothenic acid
Vitamin complexes and amino acids

We recommend the use of BIObasic only in combination with a skimmer. Not suitable for consumption and keep out of the reach of children.