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Spectrapure Austausch Osmosemembran Select 90 GPD

Spectrapure Austausch Osmosemembran Select 90 GPD

99% rejection rate

  • Typical stabilized conductivity rejection 99%, minimum conductivity rejection 98%
  • Membranes produce rated GPD ± 20% at 4 bar
  • Permeate flow and conductivity rejection based on 500 ppm, 25°C softened water feed, 15% recovery and the specified applied pressure.
74,90 €

including 19% VAT ,

Recommended retail price: 74,90 €

Industry leading 99% rejection rate

Spectrapure's SpectraSelect Plus™ membranes set the industry standards for highest rejection, flow rate, and longevity.  SpectraSelect Plus™ 99% Rejection Membranes effectively doubles post Deionizing cartridge life!

Hand selected and tested

SpectraPure® SpectraSelectPlus™ membranes are treated with a proprietary process to enhance rejection, increase production and speed rinse up times. These treated membranes are then hand-picked and individually tested for consistent ultra-high rejection. No other membrane can match the SpectraSelectPlus™ for long life and the ability to remove silica phosphates, nitrates, and heavy metals.

SpectraSelectPlus™ Membranes are standard equipment in Spectrapure's Maxcap, and UHE RO/DI Systems and can also be used available as an upgrade replacement option for most Reverse Osmosis Systems, and are interchangeable with most residential/aquarium RO or RO-DI systems.



Important: Membrane must be stored in the refrigerator if not being installed immediately