ROWAphos 500 gr

ROWAphos 500 gr
ROWAphos 500 gr
ROWAphos 500 gr

The ultimate in phosphate removal

  • extreme high binding capacity
  • quick visible success during algae bloom
  • no influence on pH after one hour
  • no output of substances such as aluminium
  • Manufacturer:Rowa
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ROWA®phos used in fresh water and sea-water aquariums reduces the main reason for problems with algae: phosphate (PO4).

It acts as an adsorbent sponge removing phosphate caused by decomposing food or overfeeding, bringing the concentration back to a natural level and never releasing phosphate back into the water.

Should be used when setting up a new aquarium to avoid phosphate (PO4) building up in rocks and gravel.

ROWA®phos can either be used in a canister filter as a separate slow phosphate filter or can be utilized at the end of the main filter system as the final stage after the biological and mechanical filters. The material can either be used in the filter net supplied with some packs or sandwiched between two layers of fine filter wool (on the incoming and outgoing flow).

500 g ROWA®phos for up to 2000 l of fresh water or 1000 l of marine water

Please do not rinse ROWA®phos before use! When using ROWA®phos, in some cases a slight red cloudiness of the aquarium water may occur due to the rinsing of the fine particles. This is completely harmless to the plants and animals in the aquarium and disappears after a short time. Please store ROWA®phos in a closed container!