ROWAcrystal 500 ml

ROWAcrystal 500 ml

For Revitalization, Bio Activation & Water Purification

  • removes suspended solids
  • reduces phosphate & improves plant growth
  • stimulates the natural nitrogen reduction (nitrification)
  • general stimulation of bioactivity in the gravel & filter
  • for fresh & marine water 
  • Manufacturer:Rowa
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ROWA®crystal is a highly effective, liquid active preparation for the optimisation and stabilisation of freshwater and seawater aquariums based on our experience with ROWA®phos.

The special blend of ingredients in ROWA®crystal guarantees a quick and effective application without adversely affecting the water ecology. The pH value will not be affected and as soon as ROWA®crystal is added into the water, the active ingredients in the solution start to adsorb gill-irritating substances, medication, dyes and other organic pollutants.

Through the regular use of ROWA®crystal you can get crystal-clear aquarium water.

Normal dosage 100 ml ROWA®crystal per 200 Liter aquarium water twice a month, for maintenance half to normal dosage twice a month. First shake the bottle very well, and then add the product immediately after. Switching off the UV- sterilizer, filter or protein skimmer is not required.

ROWA®crystal is a very powerful product, redoubling the dosage, will increase the Efficiency. An overdosage is normally harmless.

ROWA®crystal is recommended to be used to complement ROWA®phos and ROWA®bac.

ROWA®crystal is a synergistic combination of highly active iron compounds and highly effective mineral particles.

For use in the aquarium only – keep away from children – do not drink!

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