ROWAbac M 100 ml

ROWAbac M 100 ml

Microorganisms for a biological equilibrium

  • especially for marine water tanks
  • reduces ammonium, ammonia, nitrate & nitrite
  • promotes the formation of a stable nitrifier population
  • harmless to fish, invertebrates & plants
  • Manufacturer:Rowa
  • SKU:155222
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ROWA®bac M was specially developed for improving the micro flora in sea water aquaria.

Start-up stages are shortened with new installations and biological equilibrium is stabilized.

Using ROWA®bac M instead of inocula from other aquaria avoids the risk of introducing diseases and unwanted microorganisms.

Nitrification processes which would otherwise proceed only slowly and to an initially insufficient extent can be observed immediately after utilization of ROWA®bac M.

When setting up a new installation, please add 20 ml to 100 l of seawater at the same time as the loading of living stones, then 10 ml to 100 l of seawater weekly.

After filter cleaning, water change or medication treatment: 10 ml per 100 l seawater.

Protect from direct sunlight, frost and temperatures over 30˚C. Shake before use. Not poisonous! Nevertheless keep out of reach of children!

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