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Ecotech Marine RMS XR15 G5/G6 Tank Mount

Ecotech Marine RMS XR15 G5/G6 Tank Mount

Radion XR15 Tank Mount

  • Radion Mount for pool tanks
  • works with all XR15 Radion models
127,90 €

incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs

Manufacturers recommended retail price: 127,90 €

Stylish mounting kit for your Radion XR15

RMS Single Radion Tank Mount - Single tank mount for XR30 Radion.

The mount is designed specifically for the Radion XR30. Each kit contains everything you need to mount a Radion to your aquarium.

Each kit includes one arm, several extensions and a bracket that screws onto the XR15 Radion.

Please note that the individual tank brackets will work with pool tanks, tanks without a rim, up to max. 35 mm glass thickness.

If you have a tank with a rim, please note that the glass thickness may not exceed 13 mm and the rim depth may not exceed 22 mm.





Can be used with Pool tanks only! If you have a Euro Brace tank, you need the Multi Light RMS system!
PDF Ecotech Marine RMS Tank Mount Instructions