Prodibio Iodi+ 30 Ampullen

Prodibio Iodi+ 30 Ampullen

Iodine supplement for corals

  • for healthy growth & coloration
  • helps corals to adapt to lighting variations
  • neutralises excess oxygen
  • Manufacturer:Prodibio
  • SKU:120708
  • Included:Box of 30 vials
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IODI+ supplies the hard corals in your aquarium with the iodine they need to grow and for colouration. It also helps them to adapt to lighting variations and neutralises the excess oxygen produced by zooxanthellae under excessive lighting and therefore combats coral bleaching.

IODI+ is also particularly recommended for Xenia, Anthelia, Clavularia and corallimorphs.

Standard range: 1 vial for 200 l (50 US gal) / 15 days
Included: Box of 30 vials