Prodibio Coral Vits

Prodibio Coral Vits
Prodibio Coral Vits
Prodibio Coral Vits
Prodibio Coral Vits

Multivitamin supplement for corals

  • for optimal growth & development of fish and corals
  • accelerates tissue repair & reduces stress of fish
  • can be used simultaneously with Reef Booster
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Manufacturers recommended retail price: 14,80 €

Corals, fish and invertebrates are animals, and as such they are unable to synthesize all the vitamins they need, at least in sufficient quantities. Therefore, they must be supplemented by the food, even for photosynthetic organisms.

Prodibio is the first company being able to supply vitamins to corals from a homogenous single solution. Water soluble and lipophilic vitamins do not mix in nature, such as water and oil. Prodibio able to supply as many as 18 different vitamins in single product. The glass protects vitamins from the oxygen and the product is power efficient for the well-being of your fish and coral.

Coral Vits is a hyper- concentrated solution containing all the vitamins needed for good coral growth and the wellbeing of fish in reef and seawater aquariums, without reaching doses likely to lead to hypervitaminosis (refer to instructions). Thanks to the patented Neogoutte® technology, associated with Prodibio’s vials, the formulation and packaging of Coral Vits assures the protection of water-soluble vitamins (B1 , B2, B3 ( or PP) , B4 , B5, B6 , B7 , B8 (or H) , B9 (or Bc) , B12), as well as lipophilic vitamins (A, C palmitate , D2 , D3 , E, K1 , K2 and K3). Furthermore, their release in the aquarium is gradual, thus promoting optimal assimilation by marine organisms.

During the different steps of coral propagation, using Coral Vits accelerates tissue repair and reduces stress for both the mother colony and the fragments.

Coral Vits can be used in synergy with Prodibio’s Reef Booster. It can be added at the same time as Reef Booster, every 15 days. It can also be used alternately on one week, with Reef Booster added the other week. This second way to manage these sources of essential nutrients helps to bring vitamins regularly to corals and fish in the aquarium, and help their optimal growth.

Nano range: 1 vial for 60 l (15 US gal) / 15 days

Standard range: 1 vial for 200 l (50 US gal) / 15 days

Pro range: 1 vial for 2000 l (500 US gal) / 15 days

4 = 120 L Aquarium 6 = 1.200 L Aquarium 30 = 6.000 L Aquarium