Prodibio Essential Ocean Salt 12 kg

Prodibio Essential Ocean Salt 12 kg

A Premium Quality Salt

  • specially adapted for fish, invertebrates and soft corals
  • suitable for "nutrient-poor" tanks
  • free Prodibio's Probiotix Bacteria included
  • Manufacturer:Prodibio
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  • Included:12 kg Essential Ocean Salt with Probiotix Bacteria
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From natural ingredients for every biotope

After the successful launch of PURE OCEAN salt, there were many requests for a balanced enriched salt with a KH of around 8.
The new, innovative ESSENTIAL OCEAN Premium Salt from Prodibio combines a perfect blend of natural ingredients in a synthetic salt and offers just that.

Perfection once, please

ESSENTIAL OCEAN Premium Salt offers the natural essence of the sea in a synthetic salt. It is suitable for all marine biotopes and is enriched with high purity trace elements and mineral salts. To maintain optimal aquarium biology during water changes or tank startup, each bucket of PURE OCEAN also comes with ProBiotix vials - nitrifying bacteria that minimize the risk of toxic nitrogen compounds.

A premium salt made from natural ingredients for every biotope

Prodibio's innovative ESSENTIAL OCEAN premium salt combines a perfect blend of natural ingredients in a synthetic salt.

The composition of PURE OCEAN Premium Salt is perfectly adapted to the needs of all marine life. It is balanced enriched with valuable calcium and magnesium, which can be optimally absorbed and utilized. Thus, it promotes the rapid growth of all organisms. PURE OCEAN Premium Salt contains all the ingredients for a natural biotope and provides optimal conditions for fish and invertebrates such as shrimp, snails and soft corals.

Including nitrifying ProBiotix bacteria - for a stable Biotope.

With every bucket of PURE OCEAN you receive ProBiotix ampoules with live nitrifying bacteria. They help to quickly rebalance the microclimate during a water change. They break down organic pollutants, ammonium and nitrite in the aquarium water and thus support the aquarium biology.

Nitrifying bacteria show their true strength when starting a tank: they minimize the risk of toxic accumulations of nitrite and ammonium during the run-in phase. This shortens the run-in phase and makes it far more controllable.

The bacteria come from controlled cultures and are packed in a protective atmosphere. As soon as they come into contact with water, they become active. One ampoule of ProBiotix is sufficient for 50 liters of freshly mixed seawater.

Consistent quality and high purity ingredients

PURE OCEAN Premium Salt consists of a base of strictly controlled, refined salt of natural origin, enriched with highly pure trace elements and mineral salts. The manufacturing process ensures stable quality and constant composition.

If you mix PURE OCEAN with appropriately prepared osmosis water, you will obtain a consistently high water quality with a constant concentration of all important trace elements and mineral salts, which corresponds to the natural model.

Simple application

Simply mix together the amounts of PURE OCEAN Premium salt and demineralized water shown in the table and add one ampoule of ProBiotix per 50 liters. All you have to do is wait until the salt crystals have completely dissolved.

PURE OCEAN promotes the development of all living organisms in the marine aquarium and ensures a stable system. Benefit from the synergy of natural components, a constant composition and active nitrifying Bacteria!

Type of Aquarium Recommended dosage Density @20° C Salinity (ppt) dKH Ca (mg/L) Mg (mg/L) K (mg/L)
Fish 33,5 g/L (2,4 Cups / 5 US gal) 1,021 ± 0,001 30 ± 1,0 6 ± 1 240 - 376 1038 - 1148 313 - 347
Invertebrates / Soft Corals 1,023 ± 0,001 32,3 ± 1,0 32,3 ± 1,0 7 ± 1 366 - 404 1116 - 1234 337 - 373
Included: 12 kg Essential Ocean Salt with Probiotix Bacteria
Weight: 12 kg