Prodibio ProCalcium 500 g

Prodibio ProCalcium 500 g

Increases Calcium in marine aquariums

  • 10 g in 100 l water increases Calcium by 36 mg/l
  • easy to use
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Calcium is an essential element in the construction of corals skeletons

Found naturally in sea water in dissolved form, it is partly used by the corals, but also benefits other invertebrates (for shell construction), as well as certain calcareous algae.
The synthesis of this calcium carbonate needs 2 elements: carbon dioxide (CO2) and calcium in their ionic forms. This animal consumption of calcium induces the need for a constant and regular supply which is made by frequent water changes with a quality salt, as well as an addition of calcium in liquid form if necessary. The use of a calcium reactor is also very efficient.

Maintaining a rate close to the natural environment, i.e. 400/450 mg / L, is sufficient, you must avoid going above 550 mg / L, more is sometimes the enemy of good!
PROCALCIUM is a simple and economical solution for informed aquarists wishing to raise the level of calcium in their tank.

A minimum calcium level of 400/450 mg / L is necessary to guarantee an optimal and solid construction of the coral skeletons. Calcium consumption is dependent on the tank population, lighting, and the availability of all trace elements. PROCALCIUM is used, preferably dissolved in reverse osmosis, or demineralized water.

Adding 10 g of PROCALCIUM in 100L of water corresponds to an increase in the calcium concentration of 36mg/L. The use of PROCALCIUM should be reserved for aquarists who are comfortable with monitoring and understanding the measurements of the parameters of their tank.

If you want a ready-to-use solution, we recommend the use of Calci Reef+ und Alka Reef+.

Adding 10 g of PROCALCIUM in 100L of water increases the calcium level by 36mg/l
Do not leave within the reach of children.
PDF Prodibio ProCalcium Datasheet
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