Prodibio Bett'Activ 12 Ampullen

Prodibio BettActiv 12 Ampullen

Water conditioner for Bettas

  • turns tap water into water suitable for goldfish
  • removes chlorine & chloramines
  • protects their Skin, mucous membranes, gills & fins
  • binds ammonia & reduces nitrites
  • Manufacturer:Prodibio
  • Item number:120771
  • Included:

    Box of 12 vials

6,60 €

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Recommended retail price: 6,60 €

Tap water contains many substances that can be toxic for Bettas.

BETT'ACTIV is a water conditioner that removes harmful substances such as chlorine and chloramines from tap water to allow fish to live in a healthy environment. Its formula specially designed for Bettas contains biocolloïdes that protect their skin, mucous membranes, gills and fins.

BETT'ACTIV also contains a natural blinder of ammonia that traps ammonia and reduces nitrites production which, in excess, can be dangerous.

Using BETT'ACTIV when starting a new tank and for each water change thus adapts tap water to Bettas.

Nano range: 1 vial when starting a new aquarium and for each water change.

1 box = 12 water changes
1 box is designed for the treatment of a 360 l (90 US gal) aquarium

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