Prodibio Aqua Terra Plus 3 kgs

Prodibio Aqua Terra Plus 3 kgs

Premium substrate with heather plant soil

  • favours development & rooting of plants
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AquaTerra Plus is made of heather, pozzolana and dolomite soil, green coal (French coal 100% from the recycling of vegetable matter) which aerates the soil and acts as a bacterial carrier) and mycorrhyzae.

Contains a bacterial starter kit for fresh water soil.

Pour 1 cm of water at the bottom of your tank. Carefully break each side of each vial contained in BacterKit Soil. Pour the content of each vial in water and mix. Spread a layer of Aquaterra Plus of at least 5 cm (2 in.) thick in the water and add another a layer of sand or gravel on top.

The selection of mycorrhizae by Prodibio improves both the absorption capacity of the root system of your plants and strengthens the leaves resistance.

Heather plant soil, pozzolanic ash, dolomite, Biovert Coal (coal from the recycling of plant waste) and mycorrhizae
Weight: 3 kg