Prodibio Aqua Terra Basis 6 kgs

Prodibio Aqua Terra Basis 6 kgs

Substrate with organic sand

  • favours development & rooting of plants
  • supplies the soil with oxygen
  • serves as a bacterial support
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AquaTerra Basis is a complete substrate to favor a fast rooting of your plants and their full development. It contains organic support of dolomite and Biovert Coal™, coal from recycling of plant waste which aerates the soil and serves as a bacterial support.

Spread 1 layer of at least 5 cm (2 in.) at the bottom of the aquarium and add another layer of sand or gravel on top.
Organic sand, dolomite and Biovert Coal (coal from recycling of plant waste)
Weight: 6 kg
PDF Prodibio AquaTerra Basis Datasheet