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Flipper Floating Kit

Flipper Floating Kit
Flipper Floating Kit

Make your Flipper float!

  • Floats to the surface if the cleaner ever becomes disconnected!
  • No wet arms anymore
  • Simply attach with pre installed adhesive


  • Manufacturer:Flipper
  • Item number:V190724
starting from 13,50 €

including 19% VAT ,

Recommended retail price: 13,50 €

Retrofit kit for your Flipper magnetic cleaner

With the Flipper magnetic cleaners available so far, if the magnetic connection between the two halves was interrupted, the inner part sank to the floor after a short time. You then had to pull it up from the bottom of the aquarium, which in itself is not a problem, but now you don't have to get wet arms anymore.

With the retrofit kit you will receive perfectly fitting fittings, which you simply attach to the inner part of the magnetic cleaner with the pre-installed adhesive tape. From now on the inner part floats in the water and will not sink to the ground if the magnetic closure is interrupted for a longer period of time.

Press adhesive firmly to the flat top edge above the white balls.

Make sure surface is clean and dry before installing.

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