Ocean Nutrition Grid Feeding Clip

Ocean Nutrition Grid Feeding Clip

Feeding Clip with suction cup

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The Grid Feeding Clip is the perfect tool for feeding marine Butterfly fish and other "picky" or delicate feeding marine tropical. In their natural environment, marine Butterfly fish, Angels, Tangs and many others spend the whole day picking food off surfaces such as coral heads and live rocks. Fish with protruding snouts such as Lo vulpinus and Forcipiger rostris can actually pick pieces of food through the plastic grid openings until the entire portion/feed is devoured. This process prolongs the feeding period and allows the hobbyist to observe ‘natural’ feeding behavior.

Helps to encourage natural feeding behavior by holding food intact and prolonging the feeding process.
It allows your fish to feed in a more natural picking manner rather than eating food floating in the water column.
Duplicates natural feeding behavior for many saltwater and freshwater fish.
Ideal to insert Frozen Formula Foods cubes and see the fish pick at them.

Did you know?
Using our Grid Feeding Clip will reduce competition at feeding time.

PDF Ocean Nutrition Grid Feeding Clip Datasheet