Grotech Calcium pro instant 750 g

Grotech Calcium pro instant 750 g
Grotech Calcium pro instant 750 g

Calcium quickly available

  • increases Calcium in Aquarium water
  • for Balling system
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Immediately available magnesium

Marine aquariums require large amounts of calcium and magnesium for coral growth.
Calcium pro instant is a ready-to-use Calcium mix that can either be used to prepare a stock solution, or added directly to the aquarium.

Prepare a Balling stock solution:

Put 54 g of Calcium pro instant into a measuring cup and top off to 1.000 ml with R/O water
The Balling stock solutions of carbonate, calcium, magnesium and mineral pro instant must be dosed separately in equal parts !

Prepare stock solution:

Put 750 g of Calcium pro instant into a measuring cup and top off to 2.000 ml with R/O water.
This solution then contains 135.000 mg/l Calcium.

By adding 7,4 ml of this stock solution, the Calcium level increases by approx. 10 mg per 100 liters of aquarium water.
For dosage see table in the Pictures!

During dissolution, high temperatures are generated. Please use a suitable container for this Purpose.

Dose directly:

1 measuring spoon (approx. 6,5 g) increases the magnesium value by approx. 24 mg/l per 100 liters of aquarium water.
In case of larger deviations an increase should be done over several days.
Add directly to the sump, in an area with good flow.

Regularly check the magnesium level of your aquarium water when using Magnesium pro instant. Ideally, this should be approx. 380 - 450 mg/l.

Use balling system with Grotech carbonate, calcium, mineral, and magnesium per instant

The Grotech Balling System, when used correctly, will cover the needs of your marine aquarium of the macro elements carbonate, calcium, magnesium.
It is therefore not necessary to use a calcium reactor.
The Grotech Balling System, consisting of Grotech Carbonate-, Calcium-, Mineral-, and Magnesium pro instant, covers the complete needs of carbonate hardness, as well as the macro elements calcium and magnesium of your marine aquarium when used correctly.
These are withdrawn from the aquarium water by healthy coral growth and must be constantly and permanently added back to the water, in the correct quantity.

  • Check your kH level over several days and determine the daily consumption of your aquarium.
  • Calculate the amount of carbonate to be dosed per instant balling solution
  • Gtotech provides a free calculator for this purpose at
  • Dose this amount over several days and check if the addition is sufficient to keep the kH value stable in your reef aquarium. The target kH value to be maintained should be between 7 °DKH and 9 °dkH
  • Simultaneously dose the balling solutions of calcium and mineral pro instant in the same amount as the carbonate pro instant balling solution
  • Adjust the amount to be dosed daily if necessary.

As a rule, the consumption of carbonate, calcium and mineral pro instant balling solutions is the same. This means the 3 solutions are to be dosed in equal parts as the calculated consumption amount of the kH solution. The dosing quantity should ideally be distributed in smaller portions throughout the day. GROTECH dosing pumps are ideally suited for this Purpose.

However, this should be checked from time to time and the quantities of the individual solutions adjusted if necessary.
The Mineral pro instant Balling solution contains a high magnesium content and normally covers the magnesium consumption in the aquarium. If a magnesium deficit is nevertheless detected, this can be compensated for by increasing the addition of the Mineral pro instant balling solution or a solution of the 4th component Magnesium pro instant can be prepared and dosed separately according to requirements.


During dissolution, high temperatures are generated. Please use a suitable container for this purpose.