Prodibio Calci Reef +10 Ampullen

Prodibio Calci Reef +10 Ampullen

Calcium, magnesium & carbonates with depot effect

  • weekly dosage
  • depot effect due to hydrogel
  • stabilizes the pH-value
  • Manufacturer:Prodibio
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  • Included:Box of 10 vials
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A large number of marine organisms, such as corals and coralline calcifying algae, use calcium and carbonates to synthesise their rigid structures. These algae also have major magnesium requirements, an element that inhibits the precipitation of calcium in the form of insoluble calcium carbonate.

Carbonate and hydrogen carbonate ions are responsible for the biggest part of the global alkalinity. Their buffer capacity also helps to reduce pH variations, which are harmful for aquariums.

The consumption of these elements therefore needs to be compensated for regularly. This is why CalciReef+ provides calcium and magnesium.

It also progressively releases, under the action of BioDigest’s bacteria, hydrogen carbonate ions from the biotransformation of the acetate in the calcium hydrogel. This gradually regenerates part of your aquarium’s lost alkalinity.

Each vial CalciReef+ contains 1.000 mg calcium, 50 mg magnesium, and 915 mg progressively-released hydrogen carbonate (which equals 15 meq/L, or 750 ppm CaCO3, or 42 d°KH).

CALCIREEF+ works in conjunction with ALKAREEF+, a calcium hydrogel with carbonate ions to help maintain the alkalinity of your aquarium.
It is recommended to dose 2 vials of ALKAREEF+ per 1 vial of CALCIREEF+.

The combination of these two products generates an ionic balance close to that of natural sea water, but we still recommend that you regularly change the water in your aquarium. CalciReef+ is gluconate free.

Standard range: 1 vial for 120 l (30 US gal) / week
Included: Box of 10 vials
PDF Prodibio CalciReef+ Datasheet
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