CaribSea ReefCal 473 ml

CaribSea ReefCal 473 ml
CaribSea ReefCal 473 ml
CaribSea ReefCal 473 ml

Concentrated solution for ionic calcium supply

  • increases the calcium level
  • for saltwater aquariums
  • no organic substances contained
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CaribSea ReefCal™ is a calcium solution with 100.000 mg calcium. CaribSea ReefCal™ increases the calcium value by 5 mg per cap (5 ml) per 95 litres of water.

Natural sea water contains 360 mg to 400 mg calcium. Seawater aquariums should contain 420 mg ionic calcium for optimal results and chemical stability. Make sure that the value does not regularly exceed 420 mg or calcium precipitation may occur.

If the calcium level in your aquarium is within this range, one cap per 190 litres per day is sufficient to maintain acceptable levels. Stony coral aquariums may require more, while pure fish aquariums may require less.

Use a high quality test kit to monitor calcium levels in your aquarium. Adjust your daily dose accordingly.

purified water
calcium chloride

Contact with skin may cause dry skin or irritation. Wash the skin for at least 1 minute. If this product gets into the eyes, the eye should be rinsed with water for 15 minutes. Contact a doctor if irritation persists. Keep out of reach of children.