CaribSea Purple Up 237 ml

CaribSea Purple Up 237 ml
CaribSea Purple Up 237 ml
CaribSea Purple Up 237 ml

Coralline Algae Booster

  • accelerated growth
  • replenishes the iodine stocks
  • provides also calcium, strontium, magnesium and carbonates
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Natural, balanced and healthy Growth

PurpleUp™ accelerates coralline algae growth and ensures a natural, balanced and healthy growth. We have developed a unique dual-action method for PurpleUp™ which stimulates the growth of coralline algae. This method is so unique that PurpleUp™ has even been patented in the USA.

Aragonite Powder extracted from natural Seawater

It contains ionic calcium, which instantly increases the amount of dissolved calcium in the aquarium water. In contrast, the Super Sea Calcium™ (aragonite powder extracted from natural seawater with a particle size of only 10 microns), which is also contained, targets the surface of the living rock. It dissolves directly where it needs to go and delivers calcium, strontium, magnesium and carbonates directly to where they are needed. With PurpleUp™ you also replenish the iodine reserves. This element is essential for building up the tissue of crustal algae and quickly gets into short supply in closed systems.

A unique 2-component method
  1. Ionic Calcium: Instantly increases the level of dissolved calcium in your aquarium water.
  2. 10-micron Aragonite: Acts on the surface of living stones, dissolving directly where it is needed and adding calcium, strontium, magnesium and carbonate where it is needed.
  3. No fertilizer: PurpleUp™ stimulates the growth of desired purple and pink coralline algae, not unwanted algae bloom.
Aspects for optimum growth of coralline algae

PurpleUp™ does not contain coralline algae (red algae). Some living coralline algae must have settled already on stones or on the glass of the aquarium.

A high level of dissolved phosphate will inhibit the growth of coralline algae (and corals) and promote the growth of an algal bloom. Checking the phosphate level and using Phos-Buster or other products to lower the phosphate level is recommended. Carbonate hardness should be maintained at 2-2.5 meq/l or higher in seawater.

A high level of nitrogen wastes promotes the growth of algae blooms, so nitrogen wastes should be limited. Keep the pH value within the range of normal seawater (8.2).

If the light spectrum is in the range of 5500° K or higher, it will promotes the growth of coralline algae. Grazing animals such as snails, surgeonfish and reef-friendly hermit crabs favor coralline algae by eating the competing, fast-growing unwanted algae.

The life cycle of coralline algae determines how quickly new colonies are formed. Different types of coralline algae can grow at different rates. It can take several months before purple and pink coralline algae reach a stage of rapid growth.

Iodine supplementation: PurpleUp™ supplies iodine, a vital element for the web of coralline algae, which rapidly declines in closed systems.

Easy handling

One bottle of PurpleUp™ replaces the typical recipe, (from many products) preferred by experienced aquarists for successful growth of coralline algae.

Contains Super Sea Calcium: Natural calcium from pristine tropical seas.

Shake well before use! Apply maximum one cap (5 ml) once a day to 190 litres.

Add PurpleUp™ in the filter basin, near the pump connection or other areas with a high flow rate so it will dissolve quickly.

The turbidity caused by PurpleUp™ is only temporary.

Check the calcium level regularly. Adjust the dosage so that the calcium level will be between 380 ppm and 420 ppm (380 mg/l to 420 mg/l).

Avoid exceeding 420 ppm levels frequently, as it will cause high precipitation.

Important: Wait at least 1 hour after the application of PurpleUp™ before measuring the calcium level, otherwise an increased calcium level will be mistakenly measured.