CaribSea Bio-Magnet Clarifier

CaribSea Bio-Magnet Clarifier
CaribSea Bio-Magnet Clarifier
CaribSea Bio-Magnet Clarifier

Improvement of the biological filter performance

  • crystal clear water within a few hours
  • compatible even for the most sensitive organisms like corals
  • for all types of aquarium water and ponds
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Crystal clear water within a few hours

With BioMagnet Clarifier Pro you are able to remove all suspended solids in the water such as algae, fine particles or bacteria in a natural way within a few hours. The actively charged particles of the BioMagne Clarifier Pro use the negative charge of the suspended solids and form a biomagnetic layer around them. All particles and bacteria sink to the bottom of the tank or can be effectively removed by the filter. What remains is crystal clear water, unadulterated colours and a view of every detail in your tank / pond.

Even algae or bacteria blossoms are effectively bound by BioMagnet Clarifier Pro. So you can immediately and easily counteract a dangerous oxygen limitation just by adding BioMagnet Clarifier Pro, without having to resort to UV clarifiers or other complex technical tools and procedures.

Effectively increases the biological filter performance of the aquarium

By lowering the freely suspended bacteria, particulate nutrients and other suspended solids, BioMagnet Clarifier Pro not only clarifies the water: By depositing the bound particles and bacteria in the sand and rock layer, the place of biological filtration, you will achieve a long-term enhancement of the biological filtration performance in your aquarium! In contrast to mechanical filters, the suspended solids in the aquarium are also converted biologically and therefore have a positive effect on the ecological cycle of materials.

For all types of a aquarium water and for ponds

BioMagnet Clarifier Pro is suitable for both fresh and saltwater aquariums, regardless of size and stocking. You can also use BioMagnet Clarifier Pro in ponds without any concerns and ensure a fascinating view down to the bottom. Especially in case of strong turbidity the procedure can be initially repeated every 24 hours. However, for regular clarification one application every 14 days is sufficient.

Fully compatible even for sensitive organisms such as corals

Due to its unique composition and good compatibility BioMagnet Clarifier Pro is even suitable for aquariums with sensitive organisms such as corals or tropical fish. BioMagnet Clarifier Pro is also completely harmless for plants and even provides natural fertilization by increasing the biological filter process, since the plants are supplied with all necessary nutrients by the bacteria.

Perfect for the final finish of show aquariums

Whether for an aquascape contest, video and photo sessions or important events: Set yourself off from the crowd with the perfect finish and showcase your aquarium in perfect condition with BioMagnet Clarifier Pro. Within a few hours it guarantees a clear view down to the last corner of even large tanks. The crystal clear water makes the colours appear more vibrant and the life in your aquarium is brought into focus in all its glory.

Make sure that Stones, glass and filters are cleaned, before using BioMagnet Clarifier Pro.

You need one cap of BioMagnet Clarifier Pro per 75 litres of water.

Mix the appropriate dose in a separate container with some tank water and slowly add this mixture to your aquarium. The water should clear within 1 to 2 hours. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure on the following days. However, always take a break of at least 24 hours before using again.
For a regular clarification and increase of the biological filter performance by lowering the bacteria, one treatment every 2 weeks is sufficient.

237 ml BioMagnet Clarifier Pro is sufficient for the treatment of approx. 3,785 litres of water.
474 ml BioMagnet Clarifier Pro are sufficient for the treatment of approx. 7,570 litres of water.
3.78 L BioMagnet Clarifier Pro are sufficient for the treatment of approx. 60,575 litres of water.

Shake well before usage. For tanks and ponds only. Keep out of the reach of children.

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